Stamps of Japan
Bob Okumura
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Philatelic Week
An annual series that generally showcased classical Japanese artwork.

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April 20, 1958
Woman with Umbrella, woodcut by Kiyonaga.

May 20, 1959
Women Reading Poetry, print by Eishi Fujiwara.

April 20, 1960
Poetess Ise, painting from 13th century.

April 20, 1961
Dancing Girl, from A Screen of Dancers.

April 20, 1962
Flower Viewing Party, by Naganobu Kano.

April 20, 1963
Girl Reading Letter, from an Edo screen.

April 20, 1964
Yadorigi Scene, from a Genji Monogatari scroll.

April 20, 1965
The Prelude, by Shoen Uemura.

April 20, 1967
Lakeside, by Seiki (kiyoteru) Kuroda.

April 20, 1968
Young Dancer (Maiko) in Tenjuan Garden, by Bakusen Tsuchida.

April 20, 1969
Kami (Hair), by Kokei Kobayashi.

April 20, 1970
Woman with Hand Drum, by Saburosuke Okada.

April 20, 1976
Hikone Folding Screen, 17th century.

April 20, 1977
Weavers and Dyers.